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Logan Rutherford

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PostSubject: Update   Update EmptySat 30 May 2009, 1:13 pm

Honor Society,

So here's the deal. I was supposed to be on a fishing trip this weekend, but things got ugly so instead of fishing, I drove three hours last night to Madison, Wisconsin only to drive three hours back home.

Now, I read Bobby Rose's comments on the out of character thread and I'll be honest, I couldn't agree more. But to my defense, it's hard to cover when people say their going to write matches and then flake. For example the main event this week, the assigned writer flaked. So with that said, who ever is willing to help write matches, I need to know. If we want Honor to succeed, we do need to start getting shit up on time. Now as far as this weeks results, they should be up a little later today.

-Logan Rutherford
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