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 Lets Try THis Again

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PostSubject: Lets Try THis Again   Lets Try THis Again EmptyThu 28 May 2009, 9:26 pm

OOC - *Sorry i re-injured my knee quite badly on Tuesday night at ball and have not been able to move this past few days. I figured since this roleplay didnt count last week I can use it for this weeks match. Just tinkered it a little. Sorry I'll be back to full force next week. thanks for understanding*

(The scene opens up in the Honor locker room. A man is seen pacing back and forth in the room. As the camera gets closer we see it’s none other than Vindictive. Half the crowd cheers at the site of the superstar. Vin doesn’t catch on that the camera is only a few meters away. Finally, he turns suddenly and faces the camera).

Vin: Can I help you?

(A man steps forward with a mic in hand. It’s the man himself, commentator Dean Thomas)

Dean: Vin, sorry to interrupt you while you are preparing.

Vin: Whoa Whoa Whoa, hold up a second. Have you ever heard of knocking before entering?

Dean: Umm, sorry Vin….I was just…..

Vin: Sorry, just sorry? If you were sorry you wouldn’t have just barged in here unwelcome, instead you would have knocked and waited for me to answer the door like any other normal person on this planet would do. What the hell would you have done if I wasn’t wearing any pants?

Dean: Umm?

Vin: You would have shown the millions of fans an up close and personal shot of Vindictive that’s what. Now do you think that would have gone down well Dean?

(A load cheer is heard from the female population of the crowd. Vin hears this and a devilish grin spreads across his face)

Dean: We are terribly sorry Vin, please accept our sincerest apology.

Vin: We? Our? Are you saying these goons with you are to blame to? Have a look at them Dean, they don’t have a spare hand free so how the hell were they going to knock on the door, let alone open it?

Dean: Alright, it was my fault. I admit it, now for Petes sake can I get a few words out of you before tonight’s match up?

Vin: I suppose since you here and have already disturbed my preparations.

Dean: Vin, firstly I’m sure all of the people out their would like to know what happened to you the past few weeks? I mean, there seemed to be a different aura surrounding you in the ring in both matches. Last week you were totally off against Havok and I can’t put my finger on it but the fans certainly got behind it regardless.

Vin: Hold on a second Dean, do you see a bruise on me at all?

Dean: No.

Vin: Do you see me walking with any slight limp or sign of injury?

Dean: No

Vin: That’s because right now no-one can touch me. I am back to destroying my opponents in the ring but doing it in a manner that people appreciate viewing. Last week my someone cancelled my flight and I was rushed to the arena with no sleep or food and had to wrestle with no preperation at all. Let me tell you something Dean, there comes a time in ones life when you have to question if what your doing still burns that fire deep within yourself. With me I found I needed something more, I needed an extra gear if I was going to reach the status of World Champion again. So I listened to what the people were saying and I adapted my style to suit. I am still the same Vindictive that’s every wrestler’s nightmare but now I have opened up a new channel that will only help to enhance my climb to the highest honor here. If the fans want to jump aboard then I have no problem with that. I will take them on the ride they will never forget.

Dean: Well it should be a good match up for you this week. CBR and Synic? What are your thoughts?

Vin: My thoughts are simple, these are two very good wrestlers......extremely tough wrestlers. CBR has been around as long as I can remember but lately he seems to have lost a step or two. Synic is a walking time bomb and you have to be ready for anything from him. I will go about my business and do whatever I have to do to get the win and move on up that ladder. Ace Montana thinks he can just waltz on in when he feels like it, well I have news for him. I was next in line for him back in the old Honor and I'll be next in line for him come next week. Just you watch, his time as champion will be very short this time around.

Dean: Well, you do seem pumped up Vin. Anything else you would like to add before your match tonight?

Vin: It's Showtime Dean!

DeaN: Very well said…

(The crowd cheers as Vin shoves the camera out of his face and storms out of his room. He has really been over with the crowd as of late with his brutal style in the ring and his mysterious unpredictable personality. He walks down the corridor past a few lockerrooms. He comes to a stop when he appears to have found the one he was after. He looks to his left, then to his right and with his back to the camera he proceeds to unzip his jeans and loosen his belt. In no less than thirty seconds a massive puddle is left on the ground.

Vin: Here is your answer Sean Jennings!

(Vin is seen jiggling around a bit when a voice is heard down the hallway)

Voice: What in god's name are you doing man?

(Vin turns to see one of the backstage crew standing twenty meters away. Vin just shrugs his shoulders, zips up his pants, tightens his belt and walks off in the opposite direction. The man is confused and walks down to check what Vin was up to. As he arrives at the door he covers his nostrils as the smell of urine hits. A massive puddle is quickly spreading around the door and urine stains the majority of the door. The man starts to spew but holds back when he reads the sign on the door. It reads..........“PLAYERS INC"! The man manages to chuckle for a second before spew comes gushing from his mouth right into the puddle of piss and all over the door as the scene faces to black).
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Lets Try THis Again
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