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 Redemption Changes

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Fenix CarMichael

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PostSubject: Redemption Changes   Redemption Changes EmptyThu 28 May 2009, 7:10 pm

Honor Society-

So after talking it over with the President and a few members of the roster, Honor has decided to move back the day results will be posted. The deadline will still be Thursdays, at 12pm CST. Results will then be posted the following day, Friday by 12pm, along with next weeks card. This way, we're not scrambling to try and get results up Thursday night, when history shows it doesn't happen.

Furthermore, Honor is in the process of reconstructing the main site, which then depending on how it turns out, we'll edit the forums so they flow as one. Hopefully newcomer Bobby Rose will be the one creating the new design, if not Honor will try to out source it to someone capable of getting it accomplished.

-Fenix CarMichael
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Redemption Changes
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