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 May 28th - Match Assignments

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Logan Rutherford

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May 28th - Match Assignments Empty
PostSubject: May 28th - Match Assignments   May 28th - Match Assignments EmptyMon 25 May 2009, 7:48 am


Hayden Moore
Preview: Honor has a new Sin City Champion and unlike last time, he requested this slot to address the fans along with all the boys in the back. So now that Hayden is wearing the gold, what type of title reign can we expect from the Eric Corrayo student and will it last longer than the previous Champion's.

Well 'N Dowd - Brian Well & Jimmy Dowd Vs. The Prophehts - Havok & Sage
Normal Tag Team Match - DisHonor Tag Team Championships
Preview: Two teams with history between them, with one of these teams having the chance to make Honor history by becoming the first ever, DisHonor Tag Champions. Brian and Jimmy just arrived to the brand, but due to their connection with the new General Manager, it's no surprise their in this match. The Prophets on the other hand haven't been the same since the days in the VWF, which lead many to believe the competition wasn't what it is here. Tonight they have a chance to prove otherwise.
Wrtier -
Jack Stud

James Hughes Vs. Mark Regis
Hardcore Match
Preview: The Franchise is back and has his sights set on the xWo. For the last three weeks James has been taking out the head of the xWo without anyone knowing who he was, until last week when he finally revealed himself. When interviewed on HonorUnderground.com, Hughes made it known that the xWo would crumble by his hands, one by one and it would all start with Mark Regis...
Writer -
Jack Daniels Reigns

Synic Vs. Vindictive Vs. Claude Baptiste Rainer
Triple Threat Match
Preview: These three men currently make up a portion of Honor that is considered the deadly and dangerous section. Granted CBR is winless up until this point, but he is the type of individual who can change the course of a fed in one swoop. Same goes for the man they call 'The Walking Nightmare', Vindictive. Full of hidden potential, Vindictive just needs to find a way to unleash it. Lastly Synic, the man they call the monster has been just that, winning every match thus far and with such force that things are looking too easy for him. Well tonight, all three will be fighting for the right to call themselves the most feared man in Honor.
Writer -
Logan Rutherford

Fenix CarMichael
Preview: That's right, Fenix CarMichael is back... Why and how... Did Logan Rutherford really hire the man who sold him the company... What does Fenix have in mind with his new position as General Manager... Tune in to find out.

Bobby Rose Vs. Kid-X
Normal Match
Preview: New comer Bobby Rose makes his debut tonight and many would ask how the hell did a new comer get a slot so far down on the card. Well when your facing the likes of Kid-X, that's how it happens. Kid-X has been on a roll unlike any other. Despite the other xWo members struggles, Kid-X continues to soar to the top. Can Bobby Rose make an immediate impact here in Honor or will Kid-X make an example out of him...
Writer -
Logan Rutherford

Players Inc. - Jack Daniels Reigns & Sean Jennings Vs. Hayden Moore & Jack Stud
Normal Tag Team Match
Preview: The new Sin City Champion, Hayden Moore will have some back up this week as Jack Stud and him will look to continue their work of taking out Players Inc. Last Saturday, Players Inc. had a rough night in Jack Daniels losing to Stud and Jennings losing his title to Moore. They would love nothing more than to dish out some revenge on the two that made their Saturday night a miserable one. Regardless the situation, this one should be one hell of a battle.
Writer -
Hayden Moore

Black Jack McGraw Vs. Ace Montana
Normal Match - World Heavyweight Championship
Preview: After being awarded what he felt was rightfully his in the first place, Ace will defend that title against the recent surprise, Black Jack McGraw. Having been out of action for the last two months, many think Ace might have a little ring rust, well others say he is too great. We will find out the answer to both those questions as Black Jack gets his first real chance of making a name for himself here in Honor in what is expected to be a battle for the ages.
Writer -
Ace Montana
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May 28th - Match Assignments
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