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 Kid-X Entrance and bio

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Kid-X Entrance and bio Empty
PostSubject: Kid-X Entrance and bio   Kid-X Entrance and bio EmptySat 23 May 2009, 4:59 pm


The lights go out as "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace blares across the PA system. A big red X lights across the top of the ramp as Kid-X comes walking out from the back. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks around at the darken crowd. He puts his hands over his head forming an X" sign as pyro's shoot up behind in the form of an X. The lights come back on and the crowd meets Kid with a wave of cheers. Kid walks down the ramp, slapping X fans hands a long the way. When he reaches the ring, he slides in and runs over the nearest turnbuckle and jumps up on it, he throws up another X sign before jumping back off. Kid then walks around the ring as he waits for his opponent.


Kid-X's cousin Shatter-X discovers the talent of his young cousin. Shatter gives him a shot by talking Justin Veenstra,former owner of VCW, into allowing Kid to compete. Veenstra, worried about the age of Kid-X(18), just agreed and stuck him in a match against VCW hardcore man, Dave Payne. To everyone's surprise, Kid survived the match and even beat the veteran. Through the following months, Kid competed in numerous matches but one of the highlights of his time there was the creation of the xWO which at the time only consisted of Shatter and Kid. They went on to hold the tag titles and just before the closure of the federation, Kid-X won the VCW championship from VCW's veteran Justin Possible

After the closure of VCW, Shatter and Kid explored a number of other competition, only to find disappointment. They finally stumbled upon a rebuilding UXW where former opponents of Shatter-X's were. Shatter insisted on staying. Kid never got the chance to show what he had, shortly after hopping aboard, the UXW closed for good.

-2003- through -2008-
Kid-X returned to his hometown in London, England, where he spent the next 5 years wrestling for lower wrestling shows. Kid claims he did so, so he could build up experience, he climbed the British wrestling circuit and was one of the top wrestlers in the country

-2008- through -Present-
As Kid was becoming well known in his home land, his cousin Shatter was still wondering the globe trying to find a home. He finally found a place called Honor Underground and decided to stick around. He called Kid-X and asked him to fly over and check the place out and that he did. Kid came and looked at what Honor had to offer. He realized that Honor was the place he needed to be so Kid left the British wrestling circuit and was recruited to the Honor army. The former owner of Honor Felix CarMichael, ignored what Kid had to offer and stuck him in lower grade matches while Kid's cousin Shatter climbed the Honor chain. As 2009 rolled around, CarMichael dropped the ball and let the Underground fall. Shortly afterwards, Honor's current owner Logan Rutherford took over. With a new person in power, Kid seeks to be recongnized as a major force in Honor along with his cousin's Shatter and Mark Regis
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Kid-X Entrance and bio Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kid-X Entrance and bio   Kid-X Entrance and bio EmptySat 23 May 2009, 5:17 pm

Thanks man I was working on your match perfect timing
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Kid-X Entrance and bio
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