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 Let It Begin

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Logan Rutherford

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PostSubject: Let It Begin   Let It Begin EmptyTue 28 Apr 2009, 6:36 pm

The rebuilding of the Underground has begun and thus far things look pretty promising. In a matter of hours, the roster of Honor went from five to eleven with a few more big names that are on their way to the city of Sin.

To help ensure success, Logan Rutherford has decided to set up shop in The Pit of Binions. It started a little over a year ago when Logan was in the process of closing the doors to PrYde. During that junction, his daughter was making plans to marry former PrYde World Heavyweight Champion, Bishop. Needless to say, things were pretty hectic at the time for Logan, really not knowing what was up or down and how things would play out with the finances of ending the brand he built from the ground up. What he did know was that he had plenty of money to invest and invest he did. Logan became part owner of what was once known as the Horseshoe in Vegas, now called Binions.

Logan was out of the wrestling business for no longer than two months before he realized he wanted back in. The problem was he had signed a no compete clause, preventing him from getting his feet wet. Well the time-line of the no compete contract is up and having made a killing with the renovations of the Horseshoe to Binions, Logan had decided to bring the brand of Honor to Vegas. With luxurious suites, a world class steakhouse, bars and a casino all in house, Logan expects to make Honor the total package.

It didn't take much convincing on the part of Logan to get his partners to sign off on converting the infamous 'pit' into the headquarters for all Honor events. Legend has it that in the 50's and 60's, the pit was the spot where bare knuckle fighting took place. Now some forty years later, Logan plans to bring a new breed of action to the city of Sin, where he expects the 5,100 capacity seating to be sold out on a weekly basis. The questions remains, can this one time successful fed owner bring his years of experience to Honor and make it a brand name in the business....

Furthermore, with Binions having more than 350 guestrooms, plus a dozen of beautiful suites, top of the line amenities and a world class fitness center, Logan has sectioned of a part of the hotel with over 30 rooms for living quarters for all Honor staff and talent, free of charge. All in all if Honor takes off, the experience will truly be the total package.

Below is a picture of the new headquarters for Honor, the Binions Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Let It Begin Binions

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PostSubject: Re: Let It Begin   Let It Begin EmptyWed 29 Apr 2009, 12:23 am

I got one thing to say and 1 thing only, CARD NOW, before I spray the xWo sign all over your brand new building that sounds like something you get at the bottom of your foot, kinda like a wart but not Smile
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Let It Begin
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