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Jack Stud

Jack Stud

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Wrestler Name: Jack Stud
Entrance/Theme Music: "The House Jack Built" by Metallica
Alignment: Face
Honor Championship History: DisHonor Champion(1) 2/24/09

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245lbs
Date of Birth/Age: December 12th, 1959 - 49
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Contract Information: Expires on April 5th, 2009

Wrestling Style: Brawler
Trademark Poses: (1)L.V- Using his thumb and forefinger from his left hand to make the “L” and uses his forefingers on his right hand to make the ‘V’. Jack uses this signal to give props to Las Vegas and to signal for the L.V. Lights Out.
(2)Stud Choker signal- grabs left wrist with his right hands and makes a choking motion.
(3)Stud Driver signal- Pelvic thrust/double arm pull
(4)Crys Diss (Diamond shape with hands then bang) an insult originally directed at his ex but now used to insult opponents.
Character traits: (1)Vanity- Jack often stops mid-match to tidy and fluff his hair, (2) Eye for the ladies- Ladies at ringside will distract Jack. (3) Code of Honor- Will offer to shake hands with opponent before/after their match.
Trademark Name/s: (1)Titty Twister, (2)Las Vegas Lights Out aka L.V. (3) Jack Attack.
Trademark Description/s: (1)Discus Clothesline, (2)Twist of Fate, (3) Cactus Clothesline
Finisher Name/s: (1)Stud Driver (2)Stud Choker
Finisher Description/s: (1)Small Package Piledriver 2)Crippler Crossface

Common Moves:

Swinging neckbreaker
Fist Drop
Vertical Suplex
Figure Four
Yakuza kick
Russian Leg sweep (sometimes floatover into pin)
Facebuster to knee/DDT combo
Rope hangman
Arm wringer suplex into arm bar.

Entrance Description:

The slow thumping and haunting guitars of "The House Jack Built" by Metallica begin to lift the Honor crowd to their feet in a sea of nodding heads.

Open doors so I walk inside
Close my eyes find my place to hide
And I shake as I take it in
Let the show begin

Jack Studs steps onto through the curtain and stops dead, he stands; head down taking in the mood of the arena. He soaks in the music, then as James Hetfield’s vocals start again he snaps his head back flicking his hair off his face and marches to the ring.

Open my eyes
Just to have them close again
Well on my way
On my way to where I graze
It swallows me
As it takes me in his home
I twist away
As I kill this world

When he reaches ringside he slides under the bottom rope and spins around pointing to the house that he built, for no matter what house Honor is in; Jack built it.

Background Information: Progressing from door staff to club owner Jack Stud was on the top of the Las Vegas strip club scene. Wanderlust soon set in and he yearned for another challenge. Mr. Studalicious returned to the world of wrestling, a career he toyed with will working the doors. The oldest rookie in town he was turned down by all the big feds so he started his own. The costs soon spiralled out of control so he had to find a business partner, enter Fenix CarMichael. After a messy court case Jack was awarded with shares in Honor much to Fenix’s chagrin.

Despite their philosophical differences Fenix and Jack tried to make Honor a success. After making it to the first Honor PPV and ditching his gold digging slut of a nearly wife Jack is on the up ready for what ever challenges lay ahead.

Now that Logan Rutherford has purchased Honor, buying Jack’s share too, he is enjoying being back in his home town without the stress of running a wrestling company or seeing Crystal ever again.
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