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 I would sell my soul to beat you

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james hughes

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I would sell my soul to beat you Empty
PostSubject: I would sell my soul to beat you   I would sell my soul to beat you EmptySun 07 Jun 2009, 10:27 pm

James is watching the promo by Ace Montana and as he is watching it he is getting irritated slightly about it he begins to get up,picks the monitor up and throws it at the wall just as a interviewer comes in.

Interveiwer: A bad time James?

James:Yeah and you dont fucking call me James damn it!

Interviewer:Sorry Mr Hughes.

The interviewer sits down and begins to look on with some fear in his eyes and James grabs a steel chair,unfolds it and sits directly looking into the scared interviewer.

James:Your scared aint ya?

The interviewer nods and begins to sweat

James:Good I sugest you listen and you listen good keep looking into my eyes sweetheart and you get your Apple Notebook and write everything down I say.

First of all Ace montana you run your fucking mouth of time and time again just to hear the own sound of your voice well I am back and yes I might of laid down as easy as Cassidy does for the boys in the back!

But that was the decision from the man uptop at the time to hold me back time and time again everyone got a second chance but I DIDNT! I am sick and tired of it I was watching TV when I was resting and all I saw was the Ace and Shatter X show and I thought ummm who could I take out first.

I thought you but that was to obvious then I thought Shatter who can put the ilusionist David Copperfeild to shame by his disapearing acts!

He was just a warning to everyone else I could of came out the first night and said hey I am back but no I wanted to get in the mind of the other wrestlers and get them to think is it me next? You know what I hope Shatter is watching because Ace this is the old James Hughes not the man who got laid out and not the man who laid down for you....no this is the mean motherfucker who will do anything it takes to send you to hell with me!

If it means selling my soul to break your skull into tiny fragments in the ring so be it and while all that is happening Cassidy would probably be giving massages to well n dowd with happy endings while am kicking your ass!

I cant wait to bust your tiny redneck head open and to shut you up once and for all Ace and for a added bonus I would break your fucking neck but that would be to easy,I want you to feel the anguish and pain I felt when I saw your fat head on TV you might of beaten Justin Possible, but I aint him I am the old James and Your ass will be FRANCHISED !

The interviewer is in shock and yet in awe and folds up the laptop and begins to walk out after James gives her the hand signal to leave.

ooc:hope its not to late for the second rp
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I would sell my soul to beat you
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