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Black Jack McGraw

Black Jack McGraw

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PostSubject: Last Minute   Last Minute EmptySun 07 Jun 2009, 11:47 am

Black Jack has now returned to his lockerroom and is now sitting along before his big match with Kid X and JD Reigns. As we look at him, he nervously rocks in his chair and thinks about this one.

BJ: This is the big one tonight. If I get past JD and X, I will get my hands on Ace.

He then looks back at a television monitor that is now showing nothing but static. He gives a crazy grin and then looks back.

BJ: Kid X, that was really cute! You say I should return to the announce table. So nice of you to pay me a compliment. There's only one problem. If I was calling the match, I wouldn't be able to beat your ass like a little BITCH all around the ring! I wouldn't be able to bash your head against every turnbuckle or hear you cry and plead for Shatter to come help you. You see, side kick, even your big bad friend knows he'd better stay outta this one. Plain and simple, you just pissed on the electric fence, boy! HA, HA, HA!

He pauses again.

BJ: And you Reigns, I hope you took my advice and talked to your old man!

With that, he begins to laugh again as the promo ends.
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Last Minute
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