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 paybacks a bitch

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james hughes

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PostSubject: paybacks a bitch   paybacks a bitch EmptySun 07 Jun 2009, 8:24 am

James is sitting in his home away from home his hotel room as he is watching tapes of his last match and also the last appearance of James in honor.

James:Ah 4 months ago I walked out it wasnt a proud moment for me where I just laid down for you Ace,you was lucky I mean I can still feel the chairshot around my skull.

I felt betrayed and wronged by you, I made one mistake and you never gave me that chance to redeem my self well fate has a way of kicking you in the teeth!You see this Ace,Your like every spinless yank out there you attack people from behind after you turn on them hell can see why the brits are so eager to get out of Iraq!

I feel the chairshot still,I rember the oh yeah of course James I got your back bro and all that crap but get this and get this good ace whos got your back tonight?

Well n Dowd like they will do some good against a man seeking revenge I want to hurt you ace,I am a man with no soul and you dont forget that,I want to retire you and I want to break your skull open so your little grey matter just pours out chair shot after chair shot to your fat head!

James stands up and paces the room when the video footage flickers to him getting a chair wrapped around his head.

James: Ace what are we going to do huh? Are you going to lay down for me like you told me to in that boooking meeting or are you going to devate from the script!

I tell ya what you just stay the fuck home get your big fat check for kissing the owners arse and then keep ahold of whatever precious item you have around your waist!As it wont be around your waist for long,I got my eyes on the main prize and dont get comfy in your top spot cos I will be there after redemption!

I want to cause you the pain you caused me the embaresment and insecurity you caused me I want to end your career because this isnt the franchise talking now this is the career killer talking.

I am not being the profanity laden shouty man now,I want you to look in my eyes and I want to see the fear in your eyes as I break your spine into tiny little bits then and trully then I will be a happy man.

I dont trust anyone now and Ace I hope you are listening because at redemption your screams of "no please" will go unheard as I take great plesure in fucking your back up and I will of killed your career because I am the franchise JAMES HUGHES!!!

James kicks the camera crew out of the room as a advert for redemption airs.
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paybacks a bitch
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