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Ace Montana

Ace Montana

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PostSubject: Justice   Justice EmptySun 07 Jun 2009, 1:26 am

In a www.Honor.com exclusive the screen comes to life with the Honor Heavyweight title gleaming from the lights of the studio . The camera begins to pull back to show " The Premier Player " Ace Montana standing there with a smile on his face as wide as they come . Cassidy stands by his side , arm hanging over the should er of Montana . www.Honor.com interviewer Marc Taylor steps into view .

TAYLOR: " Hello again , Honor fans . I'm Marc Taylor and with me at this time is the first ever Honor heavyweight champion , Ace Montana . "

Ace raises his hand and clears his throat , before giving Taylor a dirty look .

ACE: " I know that you're new here , but , let me correct you my friend . When you introduce me , you introduce me as The Honor Heavyweght Champion ' THE PREMIER PLAYER ' Ace Montana . Now , how about you start over and do your job the right way ? "

Ace flashes another smile as Cassidy rubs the championship belt . Taylor takes a deep breath and starts over.

TAYLOR: " Ok , um *coughs* Hello again , Honor fans , I'm Marc taylor and with me at this this time is the Honor Heavyweight Champion ' THE PREMIER PLAYER ' Ace Montana . Ace , since your return we............ "

Once again Ace raises his hand and clears his throat , giving yet another dirty look to Taylor.

ACE: " Aparently , your momma never taught you any manners . Do you not see the lovely young woman standing next to me ? I swear to God that you so called ' REPORTERS ' have gotten worse over the years . I'm going to give you one more chance to be a professional and do this damn interview the right way . If you screw it up again , you'll be out of a job , permanently . "

Ace glares down at Taylor who looks off camera with a scared look on his face . Ace puts his hand on Taylor's shoulder and points to the camera . Taylor swallows hard and turns back to the camera . With a shakey voice , Taylor starts again.

TAYLOR: " Hello once again , Honor fans , I'm Marc Taylor . With me at this time is the Honor Heavyweight Champion , ' The Premier Player ' Ace Montana , and with him as always is the lovely Cassidy . "

Marc stops and turns to Ace . Ace flashes another smile and motions for Taylor to continue .

TAYLOR: " Mr. Montana , since your return to Honor , there has been a bit of controversy . First , Fenix CarMicheal awards you with the Honor Heavyweight championship , a desicion that many have called a ' BAD MOVE ' on the part of Mr. CarMicheal . What do you have to say to those that have deemend you ' UNWORTHY ' ? "

Ace takes a moment and shakes his head before he anwsers .

ACE: " I guess that's something that's going to follow me for a long , long time . I also guess that I shouldn't be surprised by the lack of long term memory that not only the fans , but , the boys in the back seem to have . I have addressed that more then once since I've walked back into Honor , and I'm only going to do this one more time . Back in May I beat Justin Possible in a ' LAST MAN STANDING ' match to become the first ever Honor Heavyweight Champion . What happened shortly after that was beyond my control , and I found myself hating everything there was about this company . I took the next few months off to figure out what I was going to do about it , and I found the choice rather simple . Come back to Honor to claim what was mine . I was not handed a damn thing , this belt belonged to me and it was finally placed in my hands , just like it should have been . If anyone still wants to dispute this , then they need to stand here infront of me and say it to my face instead of sitting on their damn computers ' TWITTERING ' about how much they hate me . I'm here , and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon . "

TAYLOR: " Well , the controversy continued last week when you were disqualified in a match with Black Jack McGraw due to the interferance of your stable mates Brian Well and Jimmy Dowd . What are your thoughts about what happened last week ? "

ACE: " Gee , are people upset about that , Marc ? Do you really think I give a damn that people are upset that the old man didn't walk out as champ last week ? As far as I'm concerned , McGraw needs to take his rightfull place back behind the microphone and watch me defend this title week after week and like it ! I did that goofy son of a bitch a favor last week by not ending his career . I did him a favor by letting him walk out of the arena under his own power . If ol' BJ thinks I did what I did becuase I was afraid that I was going to lose my title , he needs to think again . I know he has a shot this week at the number one contendership for my title , and believe me when I say that I will have my eye on that match . I will be paying very close attention to that match because I want to see which one of those worthless bastards think they are deserving of stepping inside of the ring with me . Not a single one of them are even in my league , Marc , and I can't wait to break them like I've done to everyone else that tried to prove me wrong in the past . Reigns , Kid , McGraw , enjoy you boost of confidence , which ever one comes out on top , becuase when you step inside the ring with 'THE PREMIER PLAYER ' I will deflate your ego , I will break you down , and I will beat you . Believe me when I tell you this . This belt will be with me for a very long time . "

Ace takes a moment and shares a look with Cassidy . Taylor moves forward.

TAYLOR: " This week you face a man that you have a long history with , ' The Franchise ' James Hughes . "

Ace interupts Taylor with a laugh . He shakes his head and looks down at the title belt again .

ACE: " James Hughes . He seems to be making a bit of a splash since he's returned , hasn't he ? I have to hand to you , Hughes . Going after a guy like Shatter X is a pretty ballsy move for a guy like you . i mean , maybe back in the day I wouldn't have put it past you to do something like that . But , the last time I saw you , YOU LAID DOWN ! I bashed your skull in with a damn chair , and you laid down . That's all I see when I look at you , James . You're the coward who took the easy way out instead of fighting for what little shed of self respect you have left . At that moment , I knew that James Hughes was not the same man I knew back when we first stepped inside of a ring . If you think going after Shatter is going to strike fear in me , then you have forgotten who I am . Fear is one thing that I have never felt in my life , and I sure as hell am not about to start now , especially when it comes to a little British bitch like you . James , you should have stayed under that rock and stayed buried . I know that Shatter is going to want a piece of you when he gets back , but unfortunatly for him there wont be anything left of you when I'm done . I'm going to do what I was going to do the last time you were in Honor and kill the career of the so-called ' CAREER KILLER ' . if you do somehow find it in yourself to step up , James , I'll be sitting and waiting to hear what you have to say . If you have found any of the old James Hughes left in you , I'll be waiting to see what you've got . If you walk down to that ring with even the slightest bit of hesitation in your step , I'll see it . If you have even the slightest amount of fear , I'll smell it . If you don't come down to the ring ready for a fight , I will crush you and the only thing you'll be able to do is LIKE IT , OR DEAL WITH IT !!!!!! C'mone , James , show me what you've got . "

Ace glares into the camera as the scene fades to black
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