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 A Commitment I Will Keep

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PostSubject: A Commitment I Will Keep   A Commitment I Will Keep EmptySat 06 Jun 2009, 8:34 pm

(The Honor cameras come to life on a wondering Kid-X, who is walking around the halls of the Binion Casino along. Kid has bandages wrapped around his ribs from the attack Bobby Rose delivered to him after their match last week at Redemption. Kid walks past a poster board hanging on the walls. He stops and looks at it and notices it is posted matches for this week’s Redemption, Kid gets a smile on his face and continues to walk on. He only gets about two feet away before backstage reporter, Zach Moyer walks around the corner and notices Kid)

Zach: Kid-X, I have a few questions I would like to ask you

Kid: Alright I got a minute but make it snappy I have some business I need to take care of

Zach: Will do. Now as you probably already know, this week Logan Rutherford has stuck you in a number one contenders triple threat match with Black Jack McGraw and Jack Daniels Reigns, what are your thoughts about that?

Kid: Zach, look into my eyes…do you see any fear?

Zach: Well, no. You look pretty relaxed actually….to relaxed, your going up against two dangerous and unpredictable people here. I would be a little worried if I was you, especially since your still undefeated

Kid: Zach, I have been up against much deadlier and unpredictable people in my career and those two half beats can’t even scare a old lady. I am going to show everyone that I deserve to be the true number one contender for that slack ass Ace Montana’s World Title and I will do anything it take to get it done.

Zach: Well JD Reigns said earlier this week that “It’s not Kid’s time” referring to being World Champion, what comments do you have about that?

Kid: Reigns can run his mouth all he wants to and let the record show that his sorry alcoholic ass has yet to win a match and probably never will so JD, is it really your time?

Zach: Moving on, Black Jack McGraw taunted you earlier by asking if Shatter-X “gave” you permission to pursue the World Title, how do you feel about that question?

Kid: I don’t listen to McGraw, the man has had way too many concussion in his career and needs to just go back to calling matches….something he was actually good at, now excuse me but I have some business I need to actress

(Kid pushes pass Zach Moyer and continues to walk on. When we return, Kid is seen talking on his cell phone)

Kid: Shatter, man where in the hell are you and Mark at? You all need to get your head out of your asses and get over here, I think the two of you have had enough time back in London doing whatever the hell it is your doing. Ring me back when you get this

(Kid continues walking but soon stops and walks back to a door. He turns and looks at the name on the door “Players Inc”. Kid puts his ear up against the door and listens for anyone in the room. He doesn’t hear anything and checks the door, he turns the knob and discovers that it is unlocked. Kid pokes his head in the room and hears whispers in the back room. Kid quietly enters the room, the camera can not see into the room and see what Kid is doing. After a brief minute, Kid reappears with a case of beer in his hand and smirk on his face)

Kid: Don’t mind if I do!

(Kid quietly shuts the door back and walks off as we cut down to Dean Thomas and Rocky Dalton, who are sitting down by ringside)

Thomas: Looks like Kid got a little bit thirsty there, don’t you think Rocky?

Dalton: Yeah, looks that way. Jack Daniels Reigns will not like Kid touching his beer, that’s for sure

Thomas: I wonder where Kid is going to go with all that beer? He has been walking around the back for the last 15 mintues

Dalton: He looks like a lost dog trying to find his way home

(Just think “Whatever” by Our Lady Peace hits the PA system and Kid-X walks out from the back, being met with a earful of cheers by the audience. Kid holds the case of beer in one hand as he walks down to the ring, slapping fans hands with his other free hand. He slides the beer into the ring and gets in himself. He walks over and gets a microphone from Stacey Fox)

Kid: Las Vegas, how are we doing tonight?

(The crowd starts to lowly cheer)

Kid: C’mon, I know you can do better than that, I said Las Vegas how are you doing tonight?

(The crowd screams louder)

Kid: That’s better. I bet you all are wondering what I am doing with a case of Jack Daniels Reigns’ beer, huh? Well I thought I would bring it out here and get me a little drink and to share it with you all!

(The crowd starts to stomp their feet and chant “We want beer, we want beer!”)

Kid: Now now children, I will let you have it here in a minute but first I wanted to talk about a few things that have been on my mind the past couple of day. First off, while I was laying in the back last week after that coward crybaby Bobby Rose attacked me after our match, Logan Rutherford walked up to me and looked down at my battered body and told me that I have been impressive these past weeks and that he wanted to reward me with something. I thought he was going to put me in another pointless singles match against some moron who doesn’t even deserve to walk in my foot steps but to my surprise, Rutherford offered me a shot at the number one contenders spot for the Honor World Title. I accepted of course and ever since then I have heard idiots in the back poking fun, saying that I disobeyed my master, Shatter and took a match that should have been his in the first place. Well you know what I have to say about that, Shatter hasn’t been performing like a top rank superstar in recent months and I have. Shatter has lost easy matches that in years past he would have walked out of without a drop of sweat running down his face. I do not need anyone’s permission to go after something that I eyeballed ever since I came to this place and to see someone like Ace Montana walking around in the back with that title over his shoulder, probably using it as some sex toy for his two worse halves, makes me want to throw up and it is about time that someone puts that sorry moron in his place

Crowd: Kid, Kid, Kid, Kid!!!

Kid: Moving on though. So I return back to the Binions Casino a day or two after Redemption, to find out that I have been put in a triple threat number one contenders match with two pushovers known as Black Jack McGraw and Jack Daniels Reigns. Now I will start with you first Reigns, I saw what you had to say about me and personally I don’t give a damn! Your named after some whiskey, does that make you feel like you’re a somebody? Just because your father named you after his favorite drink. You can sit there and tell old time stories with your old man all your want but it’s not going to change the fact that you are pushover and you do not belong in the same ring with me. Your father will not be there to save you from the beating you will receive at Redemption and you will realize that it’s NOT your time and never will be because you have a lot to learn before you can carry that Honor World Title around your waist. Yes, Reigns I am in the xWo and yes we are dangerous but the fact of the matter is, they did not help me get to where I am at right now, I did all of this by myself and they are not going to help me at Redemption when I beat your sorry ass into next year. You can call your three lackies all you want but they are not going to be able to save you from your faith. I have faced much stronger people than you Jack Daniels Reigns and I am not going to lose to the likes of you, my friend. Now, you and your father talk about that!

Thomas: Wow, Kid-X seems to be determined about his match this week

Dalton: Wouldn’t you, he’s getting the chance to be number one contender for the highest belt there is in Honor, the World Title, but he’s going to have to go through Black Jack McGraw and Jack Daniels Reigns to do it

Kid: Now on to the second person in the match..Mr Hardcore himself, Black Jack McGraw. BJ, can I call you BJ? Doesn’t matter, last week you blew, let me spell that out for you, B.L.E.W.. your chance to be World Champion, you should have known that Ace’s henchmen were going to come and save their retarded leader from losing the only thing that is making him headliners. You should have known that but what did you do? You piddle paddled around and didn’t just end it when you had the chance early on in the match and what happened, BJ? You got screwed over by Well N’ Dowd” and won by DQ. You can’t win title matches like that BJ, you have win them by pinfall you idiot, god, do you have any brain cells left or what? Now, I heard your little comment you made about me getting permission from Shatter to go for the World Title and just like I said earlier Shatter hasn’t deserved it and I don’t need no one’s permission to do anything. I’ve heard you walk around here and run your mouth about how tough you are and how many stitches you’ve had but that isn’t going to matter at Redemption and you do not have the speed and agility that I have and that is a key factor my retarded friend. I can hit the “X’ed Out” at anytime and no one has yet to kick out of hit. You can beat the living hell out of me all you want, and this goes for you too JD Reigns, but that is not going to put me down, not by a long shot. Everyone has seen me rebound from the ugliest beating so far and I refuse to go down by hands of you two. I have watched your past matches BJ and I must say I am impressed and you lack one thing and that is knowledge of your opponent and that is another key factor when it comes to matches. I have been studying both you and Reigns and I am starting to know your every move. Just remember this BJ, you are to old and beat down and beat someone like me and that World Title will be mine shortly

(Kid bends down and opens the case of beer. He gets one out and starts to drink it)

Kid: Sorry, all this talking has made my throat a little parched. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you all

(Kid picks up the case of beer and starts throwing beer to the crowd causing almost a riot as fans push one another, trying to get the beer. Kid throws the last beer and throws the box into the crowd also)

Kid: There you go enjoy! Compliments of Jack Daniels Reigns! Now to finish all of this talking off, I just wanted to kind of round up all of the things that have been on my mind. This week I will be walking into Redemption just another wrestler but after it is all said and done I will be walking out the number one contender for the World Title. I have worked hard and long for this opportunity and I’m not going to let it slip away by losing to the likes of Black Jack McGraw or JD Reigns. I do hope though that Ace Montana watches this match because I want that sorry piece of human flesh to realize that his time as World Champion is about to come to a squeaking holt. When you and I do face one another Ace, I will show the world just what a joke you are and that your nothing without Felix CarMichael and Well N’ Dowd behind your back watching it like a bird to it’s nest. Soon the World Title will be in the hands of the xWO and will seal the lid to best stable Honor has to offer. I will stop at nothing to get that title and when I want something I get it! So be prepared Ace before once I am done with these two horses asses I am coming after you…will you be ready? Or will you just be another person who just got X’ED THE HELL OUT!!

(“Whatever” by Our Lady Peace hit the speakers once again and Kid-X climbs the turnbuckle with his beer in his hand)

Thomas: Well, there you have it a commitment from Kid-X to walk out of Redemption the number one contender and then become World Champion

Dalton: Well there still lays two big obstacles in Kid-X’s way before he can do that but I guess we will just have to wait and find out if he can keep his word

(Kid stands on the turnbuckle with his beer in hand. He takes another drink of it before chunking it into the crowd. Kid smiles as he hops down from the turnbuckle and exits the ring. The camera fades to commercial)
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A Commitment I Will Keep
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