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PostSubject: My Time   My Time EmptyFri 05 Jun 2009, 8:02 pm

The scene opens back at the home of Harley Reigns, where he and his son are sitting on the front porch drinking a nice cold beer and talking about the wrestling business. Harley looks to be especially happy, as he slurps down another Budwiser. As we look around, J.D. is wearing his black Players Inc shirt with pride and also looks to be extremely happy for some reason.

Harley: Son, this is your shot. This week, Son, you have the chance to join a very few people in the history of this business. You have the chance to become number one contender and then go on to become the second generation of our family to be a world champion.

J.D. empties his can and tosses it into a bin for aluminum cans.

Harley: Looks like I can take'em down to Billy Ghee's very soon. (I wonder how much he was paid by Billy for that cheap plug... LOL.)

J.D.: Pop, you got that exactly right. I have the chance to make history. I have the chance not only to become the second generation of our family to be a world champion, I also have the chance to be the first world champion for Players Inc. in Honor. You see, Dad, I have dreamed of this ever since I was in Pryde with you. Back when I was there, I saw you toting that belt and always wanted to get a taste of the big spot myself. I always wanted to be able to hear the ring announcer call my name and then say "YOUR WORLD CHAMPION". You see, this means more than just a chance at a belt to me. This is my chance to show that I am not just some other second generation guy who didn't earn his spot in the company. It's my chance to show that my nick name is for real. I am cold as ice and I'll do whatever the Hell it takes to get what I want.

He then pauses and looks down at his shorts and sees his scarred leg.

J.D.: You see, I came back from that accident. I was told not to wrestle anymore, and I proved I could. I was told I would never be one hundred percent, and I have proved it more than enough. Dad, I see it like this, Kid X, he's an up and comer. He's alot like me. He has his eyes on that brass ring, but it's my job to show the Kid that it isn't his time. It's my job to prove to him that J.D. Reigns will not be denied of this chance. Right now, my record hasn't exactly been great. I have lost nearly every match I have fought. I know most of the fans say that you paid Logan off. Others say that Players Inc. got to him and twisted his arm, since we are some of the biggest names in the company. Still, I want everyone to know, this is me! If I win, this is my time.

Harley sits back and just looks at his son for a second.

Harley: You see, Son, that's your problem.

J.D.: What?

Harley: "If you win!" Son, I never walked into a damn match and said the words if! When I entered a damn match, I always said I WAS gonna win. I didn't care if it was King Kong himself in that there ring, I acted like I was facin' a nobody! Ya see, when you start that "If I can" shit, it puts doubt into your mind.

J.D.: Well, you had your share of loses, Pop.

Harley: Yeah, but I never said I was gonna lose or I even could lose. When I took on Bishop and Trey, do you really think I had a damn shot? I was double their ages. I was way outta shape. Still, I went out there and gave it my all. I never had a doubt in my mind. I never talked about if I could beat them.

J.D.: So you lied to yourself.

With that, Harley slaps his son.

Harley: Hell naw, boy! You really don't get it, do you? You have to clear your mind of all the doubt. You have to clear your mind of any fear. If you have fear, you have lost already! Look at me when I talk to you, BOY!

Now, J.D. looks really upset. He is shaking with anger from being slapped. As he looks at the camera, we can still see the red mark throbbing

J.D.: Pop, I am a realist here. Do I think I can beat these guys? Yes! Do I think I can take out X? Hell Yeah! Can I take out that lard ass, McGraw? You’d better believe it!

Harley: Another thing, don’t discount the xWo. I know they are fan favorites, but they will do whatever they can to get their hands on a title. They will do anything to get the win. If you don’t believe that, you’re crazy! You have a stable that can take them easily. You just gotta show them that you are the light they have needed to get them back to their old winning ways. Really though. I don’t know what the Hell’s been wrong with Venom. When I was in Player’s Inc. with him, nobody and I mean no damn body had to balls to cross us! The same was true for Jennings. He was one of the baddest men I have ever seen. Now, you all are disgracing the name of one of the best stables ever to set foot in a ring!

J.D.: Hold on, Pop! Hold the Hell on! I don’t see you out there busting your ass every damn week. I don’t see you out there getting busted open just to get a win. I damn sure don’t see you out there fighting week after week after week.

Harley: No, you mean, I am not out there losing week, after week, after week!

J.D.: God damn it, Pop!

Harley: Don’t you use the Lord’s name in vain with my, Boy!

J.D.: Look, Pop. I TOLD YOU! This is huge for me. This is HUGE for all of Players Inc. When it comes down to it, I know that if I need any of them, everyone from Jennings to Rob or even Bam will be down there if I need them! I know that my stable members will be down there no matter what. I know that Venom and Jennings would walk through Hell and back if they thought that I needed them to come down. If the xWo wants a fight, it’s all good! As for Black Jack, I know you know him more than anyone. I have watch him fight you more than once. I know I can take his old ass out and prove to the world just why I do deserve this shot at Montana. You see, Pop, that’s the thing. When I see McGraw, I see Ace. When I see X, I see Ace. I think you must remember. I have unfinished business with Montana from Pryde. I still owe him a case of whoop ass from the last time me and him were in the damn ring. I don’t care if it’s McGraw, Kid X, Shatter X, Jack Stud or God Almighty, I will go through them to get my hands on him and take away from him the one thing in his miserable life that matters anything. I will gladly rebreak this leg again just to get my hands on that smug son of a bitch and show him that he isn’t what he thinks he is. You see, Pop, I look at Ace. He has that world title. He has Un in Dowd to watch his back. That just shows just how confident he really is. I remember, I took him on in Pryde, and if not for those two pricks, I had him beat. This time, I get a chance for my redemption. I get a chance for my revenge. Most of all, I get my chance to take Ace and show him just why Players Inc. and J.D. Reigns are two names that he’s better never forget in that stupid little head of his. You see, Pop, no matter what these two guys bring me, I will keep in my head, if I beat’em, Ace is next! If I take’em, I get my chance! No matter what they bring, I will take it and fire back. That’s something they all had better realize!

Harley: Well, it looks like you have a little more fire to ya.

J.D.: Oh, it’s more than just fire. Pop, this week, they all find out. My name is J.D. Reigns, and whoopin’ ass is a family tradition! Kid X had better be ready to get his ass deported, and I hope Black Jack is really healed up from that beat down he took last week, cause I don’t want no excuses when I put him down for the one, two, three! As I told ya, this is MY TIME! MY TIME!

With that, the two men get up and walk back into the house.
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