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 A Challange

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Well 'N Dowd

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PostSubject: A Challange   A Challange EmptyThu 04 Jun 2009, 4:35 pm

Backstage in the locker room of the group now known as " THE ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT " Jimmy Dowd sits alone in deep thought . He breaths slowly in and out with his eyes closed , trying to clear his mind . He isn't angry about the fact that Logan chose not to award he and his partner , Brian Well the Dishonor tag team titles one week ago . He's not even thinking about it . No , what Jimmy Dowd is thinking about right now is what he needs to do when he steps into the ring with Sage this week . Slowly , the door opens and Brian Well slides into the room , trying not to make a sound . He quietly moves to a corner of the room to grab his gym bag .Jimmy feels his presence , and speaks .

DOWD : " I told you that I needed to be alone . "

Brian winces and slowly turns to his partner.

WELL: " Sorry , bro . I just wanted to head down to the gym for a bit . I'll be out of here in , like , two seconds . "

DOWD: " Brian , let me ask you something . Do you think we made the right choice in coming back ? "

WELL : " Umm , what do you mean ? "

b]DOWD[/b] : " Did we make the right choice ? We didn't need to come back , we didn't need to find ourselves back in the spotlight . Yet , here we are once again . Me , you , Cassidy , and Ace . The politics that come with this industry still haven't changed , the people that make the rules still haven't changed , and the looks of disgust from the boys still has not changed . To be perfectly honest , I don't think that you or I have a damn thing we need to prove to anybody . We've been as big a name in this industry as many of the other boys back here , and we still seem to have to fight for our spot . I'm tired of fighting , Brian . I'm tired of trying , and I am tired as hell of constant failure . I don't know what we can do to change anything or anybody and I just can't find it in me to keep going on anymore . "

Brian looks both confused and worried as he hears his partners words . He sets his bag back down and begins to pace the room .

DOWD : " Earlier today , I was out just walking around outside of the arena and a young kid came running up to me . I stopped and gave the boy a look and he kind of laughed a little and looked up at me . I asked the kid ' What's so funny ? ' and do you know what he said to me , Brian ? He told me that you and are no challange for anybody in Honor and that we should just go back home . "

WELL : " Are you freaking kidding me , Jim ? You , of all people , are going to sit here dwelling over what some dumb kid said to you ? A few years ago , that very well could have been what I would have done , but not you . Hell , Jimmy , you're the one who told me that I needed to be myself and stop listening to the damn critics out there , and you're going to throw it all away cause some snot nosed little bastard child told you that you sucked ? If it's a real challange you want , Jimmy , then I've got one for ya !! I challange you to get off of your ass and prove that little shit machine , and everyone else who's ever doubted us , wrong !!! You walk out to that ring and you beat the living hell out of that staroided freak , Sage and show Logan and all the other ' POWERS ' that you are the meanest , toughest son of a bitch in the ring today ! Honestly , I look at you right now and wonder , ' Did your balls drop off ' , Jimmy ? Maybe this will motivate you . "

Brian reaches back and slaps jimmy across the face as hard as he can . Jimmy's eyes open and you can just see a fire begin to grow inside of them . Jimmy stands from his seat and without saying a word walks out of the room as Brian watches . As soon as Jimmy is gone , Brian grabs his hand in pain as the scene fadesx to black.
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A Challange
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