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 June 8th - Match Assignments

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Fenix CarMichael

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June 8th - Match Assignments Empty
PostSubject: June 8th - Match Assignments   June 8th - Match Assignments EmptySun 31 May 2009, 6:59 pm


Logan Rutherford
Preview: Since the move to the big city, despite the positive affects it's had on the brand, there are still some lagging issues with the company, and the talent that supports it. Normally Logan would allow the new General Manager, Fenix CarMichael to handle these types of situations but due to the severity and pissed off rage Logan has, he feels it would be best if it was the President that addressed the troops.

Jimmy Dowd Vs. Sage
Normal Match
Preview: Two men who are used to competing in tag matches will instead do the singles battle. Both men represent the powerhouse portion of their respective teams as they will seek to unleash that muscle on one another. Jimmy has hit the ground here in Honor running and will look to continue his streak of awesomeness. Sage on the other hand is still searching for that very important first win, which he hopes to achieve here tonight. Regardless of who loses, the fans are the only ones guaranteed to win in this one.
Writer - Logan Rutherford

Players Inc.
Preview: Weeks ago, Jack Daniels Reigns, Sean Jennings and Robert Venom where the talk of Honor. Fast forward to today and everyone says the same thing, 'Players Who'.... Can these supposed elite men of the wrestling business regain their dominating presense or has the game passed them by.

Synic Vs. Vindictive
Cage Match
Preview: The name Vindictive has always been one that used to strike fear into opponents, but not last week. Instead, Vindictive was called out and even worse he had his integrity blasted by the monster Synic. Furthermore, Vindictive always suffered a loss at the hands of the same monster. Tonight, these two men will compete one on one for the first time and if both bring the level of intensity they have shown throughout their careers, then caging these two will only be the beginnng of what can be expected as a battle in hell.
Writer - Kid-X

Bobby Rose Vs. Sean Jennings
Normal Match
Preview: Bobby Rose, the Texas Outlaw is looking to make a name for himself here in Honor and what better way to do so, than by taking out the first ever Honor Champion. Jennings on the other hand is looking to prove to himself as well as Hayden Moore and any other doubters in the fed. Will he be able to do just that by making an example of Rose or will Jennings catch a Texas ass-whooping.
Writer - Hayden Moore

James Hughes Vs. Ace Montana
Normal Match
Preview: Once friends, these men had a rough falling out not too long ago. In fact, these two were both apart of the original Honor where Ace Montana turned his back on Hughes to better his career, or at least that's what The Premier Player said. It didn't end there though as these two were scheduled to wrestle in what many thought would go down as a barn burner. When the time came though, James hit the ring and laid flat, allowing Ace to score the pin fall. After that Hughes left the ring and left Honor. James is back and tonight, we hope this match is everything we expected months ago.
Writer - Logan Rutherford

Black Jack McGraw Vs. Kid-X Vs. Jack Daniels Reigns
Triple Threat Match - Number One Contender/World Heavyweight Championship
Preview: Kid-X has yet to lose a match since coming to Honor, so his name being associated with the number one contendership is a no brainer. Black Jack beat the World Heavyweight Champion last week via disqualification, so he wants another crack at it. Jack Daniels Reigns on the other hand has yet to win a match and shouldn't even be allowed in this match, but rumor has it Logan Rutherford owed Jack Daniels dad a favor, so like it or not, the younger Reigns will be given an early Christmas present...
Writer - Bobby Rose

Jack Stud Vs. Hayden Moore
Normal Match - Sin City Championship
Preview: Last Redemption these two were tag team partners as they squared off against Players Inc. and came out victorious. So after having to watch each others back, tonight they will lock go head to head for Hayden's prized strap. Can Jack Stud take out the youthful Moore and become the oldest Champion in the brand or will the "Magic" man be too much for the Vegas native. Tune in to find out!
Writer - Hayden Moore
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June 8th - Match Assignments
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