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 Eyes on the prize.

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Jack Stud

Jack Stud

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Eyes on the prize. Empty
PostSubject: Eyes on the prize.   Eyes on the prize. EmptySun 31 May 2009, 6:51 am

University Medical Center.
1800 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Early Monday morning.

Jack Stud, for once not wearing an air brushed vest walks around the UMC clutching a small paper bag. He looks around nervously with an excited look on his face.

Donna, Donna, hey Donna.
Jack calls across the crowded waiting room. A stunning blond junior doctor spins around her hair and white coat swirling as she does. Jack sees it all in slow motion as Barry White plays in his head. As she touches Jack’s arm he snaps out of it.

Hey Jack, what are you doing here? Do you need a check up before your match with Moore? I can squeeze you in now if you want, Mrs. Ebnerson is next and she is a real pussycat, well once I give her a an extra shot of morphine she is.

Jack stands there mute.

I’m kidding by the way. You ok?

Wha??? No I’m fine, excellent really. Moore may have 30 years on me but I can keep up with him all night long if I have to.

I bet you can Mr. Studalicious.

Donna retorts with a nudge and a wink. Uncharacteristically fumbling for something to say Jack; thrusts the paper bag forward.

I brought you breakfast!

Raising one of her perfectly plucked eye brows Doctor Donna Blake, the 32 year old who earns a few extra bucks working backstage at Honor shows stitching up cuts after the matches, take Jack’s offerings, peering inside the paper bag.

Tropical Smoothie Café, my favourite, what flavour did you…

Jack looks away as she wraps her sweet lips around the straw and sucks.

Orange Passion, my absolute favourite… and a bagel with cream cheese. Jack this is spooky. They are both my favourites. How did you know that, and how comes you know where I work.

Still munching on her breakfast bagel whilst slurping her smoothie Donna raises both eyebrows quizzically, Jack stands opened mouthed, point both of his index fingers at Dr. Blake.

I may look like a crazy stalker but it’s quite simple really; you had your work badge on the other night while you were stitching me up. Then this week when you arrived you had an orange TSC smoothie.

Softening her stare slightly Donna lets a smile catch the end of her mouth.
Ok, still a little weird for remembering but what about the bagel?

Blushing like a school boy talking to his secret crush Jack manages to blurt out an explanation.

You and Stacey were chatting about dieting and stuff and you mentioned you were a veggie, so I just picked the best option.

With mock indignation Donna holds her chin and taps her temple.

I’m just messing with you its fine.

She surprises Jack with a jab to his tattooed bicep.

Hey that hurt!

Aw does the big wrestler man arm hurt, it’s a good thing I’m a doctor. I’ll tell you what ‘Stud’ come back at 6 when I’m finished and I’ll take a look at your injuries.

I’m not really hurt… oh… you mean… right at sex, uh I mean six, here.

Jack turns to leave but Donna pulls him back.

Well maybe not right here in the waiting room, I’m not a slut, actually I am a bit but don’t tell anyone, Rita on main reception is a woman of faith, the last time she caught me putting on make-up she called me a harlot for 6 months. She’s crazy.

Eyes wide Jack doesn’t know if to laugh or even move. Thankfully Donna pecks him on the cheek and walks off, with Jack watching her work it. As she reaches an elderly patient she her body language changes, she reaches for the ladies arm.

Mrs. Ebnerson, if you’d like to come through now we can see what’s the matter.

With a chuckle Jack watches them go through a door then turns to leave. She certainly is different than the usual bimbo strippers that he dates, beauty, brains and a sense of humour she is perfect, only 8 hours until he sees her again, it was too long.


Once again we find Jack Stud sat in his office, backstage at the Titty Twister. Las Vegas’ number 1 strip club; or so Jack tells everyone.

In sharp contrast to the last time we were here the room is well lit an’ none of Players Inc. are invading, covering for their lack of talent by gaining advantages through sneak attacks an’ superior numbers.

Wearing jeans an’ a trademark leather vest, complete with an air-bushed design, Jack is sat on his battle scarred wooden desk, like him it has seen better days.. In front to Mr. Studalicious is a lap top playing a clip of Hayden Moore’s in-ring promo from Redemption. The crowd cheers as ‘Magic’ Hayden Moore leaves the ring followed by his ever-present manager Eric Corrayo. As he departs the announcers caption the promo.

Thomas: What an announcement from Hayden Moore... He will not give Sean Jennings a rematch, until he earns it.
Dalton: What a coward, he knows he had a fluke win an’ now he’s afraid to defend his title.
Thomas: I agree with him, it’s time to bring some honor back to Honor Underground an’ if Sean Jennings is the God he claims to be, then he should have no problem proving himself tonight.

The video stops, leaving the room quiet save for the lap tops whirring. But that too is gone as Jack closes the lap top, watching his hand as he clicks the catch in place. He sighs, not one of regret but more of disappointment.

Hayden Moore, high-flyer, youngest champion, ‘Magic’, crowd favourite, Is there another title to add to your list, I think there is but what is it? paranoid or realist?

‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown’ as the immortal bard once wrote, it seems Hayden doesn’t know who to trust, it seems that you don’t trust me, that you think I’m Brutus to your Caesar an’ I would stab you in the back.

To add to the statement Jack makes a stabbing motion.

But, if I may quote the great J.C., an’ before anyone says it yep Mr. Studalicious is quoting Shakespeare and ol’ J.C. in the same promo, but just cos I like tits an’ ass don’t mean I aint got no class. Right back to quoting.

“I love the name of honor, more than I fear death.” Now the Roman rambler may have meant something different, but I love competing in Honor an’ I will do what it takes to make this place succeed, whatever it takes, I will DIE for this place. But within that I won’t cheat a good man out of his gold or attacked a good man from behind.

So far Hayden; you seem like a good man; an’ out of respect for the way you are I’ll face you in the ring man to man, nose-to-nose an’ fight you. The Reigns an’ Jennings of this world do not get such a luxury, they attack en masse from behind; they lie an’ cheat.

But people like you...

Jack jabs a single digit at the camera then turns it on himself..

People like me.

We are true to ourselves, I said that I would watch your back an’ I did.

You said that you would have my back… an’ you did.

An’ when this is all said I done I will still have your back. You dismissed Jennings from contendership an’ he won’t take it lying down.

So Players if you think just because this week the ‘Magic’ an’ the ‘Vegas Stud’ are facing off that they want stand side by side to take you down think again!

Stud an’ Moore are men of honor an’ integrity, we can defend each other one minute then try an’ kick each others ass the next.

Haven risen to his feet whilst addressing his Player rivals Jack once again sits back onto his desk.

Hayden, I have an apology to make, I may have appeared dismissive of you in our first encounter; for that I apologise. Let me assure you that I respect your skills, skills that have led to a meteoric rise to the top of Honor.

Cos’ we all know you are the real champ of this place not the hand-picked ‘Premier Player’, you fought for your gold an’ won it through hard-work an’ determination, you didn’t just fellate Fenix.


When I pin Moore this week an’ become the third Sin City champion; that will make me arguably the number one contender to your ‘title’. An’ no matter what you do, how you play the odds an’ stack the deck I will get my shot an’ bring some pride an’ honor to the title.

For a few seconds Jack studies his displayed cases that house his replica DisHonor title belts like a father looking at one of his son’s first paintings he glows with pride. He runs his wrinkled fingers over the glass remembering the feeling he had when he held the belt aloft for the first time, he turns back to the camera with a smile brightening up his face. Silently he takes two steps an’ sits at his desk, his leather chair creaks slightly as he rocks back then sits forward leaning his arms on the desk, a pensive look spreads across his face.

Do you still get that feeling Hayden; when you strap that title around your waist?

Do you get a buzz when the ref hands you your belt back after the match an’ you hold it aloft for all to see?

There’s nothing like it. The crowd rises to their feet in support of their champion… in support…of you.

Clutching his bearded chin in his left hand Jack trails off, strumming his right index finger on the wooden desk top.

Earlier I quoted one of the great leaders in history, now in closing I will quote him again. But this time I will become a sage looking forward in time to moments after I have beaten you Moore; as I cradle what is currently yours; the Sin City title in my arms; as you are helped from the ring by your manager Eric Corrayo; as the crowd celebrate MY victory I will look around the pit an’ proclaim….

“I came, I saw, I conquered.”

An’ if you really, truly an’ honestly believe that I’m too old to beat you… then you don’t know JACK!
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Eyes on the prize.
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