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 The Rebirth of the Underground

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Logan Rutherford

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The Rebirth of the Underground Empty
PostSubject: The Rebirth of the Underground   The Rebirth of the Underground EmptyFri 17 Apr 2009, 8:57 pm

To all Honor Personal-

I would like to start out by introducing myself. I'm Logan Rutherford, former President/Owner of PrYde Wrestling and the new President/Owner of Honor. Most of you know me and for those of you that don't, consider yourself lucky.

Now, many have been wondering what happened to Honor. How come all of sudden it just ceased to exist. Well frankly the product and the market it was in, sucked. The one before me, made a huge mistake by bringing his brand of wrestling to the pits of Detroit, where it basically went to die. So after a horrible attendance record at WrestleFest, not only by the fans but the talent as well, Fenix CarMichael decided it was best to get what he could for the product by selling it to me.

Don't get me wrong, Fenix did a decent job of bringing in certain talent but his downfall was his faith he invested in certain individuals. So what becomes of Honor and the Champions it once crowned. Basically, the Honor you knew is gone. Today is a new era for the brand and tomorrow is the start of a new chapter in The Rebirth of the Underground.

Slates are wiped clean. Records are back to zero. No longer will we operate on a contract system. If you want to be a member of the Honor brand, no problem. So essentially if your on the roster, expect to compete. If you ever want to leave the brand and journey to other adventures, a simple few days notice will do the trick. From this point forward, Honor will exceed and represent exactly what it's name says.

I'm sure things will start small, but if I can bring to the table the success I once had then I imagine Honor will be up and running in no time. Furthermore, images of Honor's new digs will hopefully be up sometime over the weekend. Thanks to Jack Stud for putting me in touch with some key contacts in Las Vegas, in the effort to make Sin City our home town.

Thank you all-
Logan Rutherford
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The Rebirth of the Underground
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